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Organization is essential in hiring. That's why we've developed a human-centric platform, aka your hiring home base. Our customized dashboard houses prospective profiles, resumes, SBCA scores, social media links, and contact info. Basically, all the digging you'd want to do without having to do the digging. Your online recruitment guide, so to speak.
The FirstChoice Hiring Platform

We have been using FirstChoice Hiring for years. They help keep everything organized and offer a steady flow of applicants while helping fine-tune our employment ads to make them the most attractive ads on the job boards.

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The days of stacked
resumes, applications, and cover letters are long gone

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Our Candidate Platform was built with you, the all-in-one busy leader in mind. Everything you need to know about applicants is all in one place. That’s what makes us so different from other hiring software. Easy to read text, super clear candidate profiles, and an intuitive interface so you spend less time figuring out how to use the darn thing and more time happy hiring.

We help you get down to
the nitty-gritty of candidate selection

Here’s what our Candidate Platform has to offer you

Organize Applicants

Sort applicants in half the time with ‘Favorite’ and ‘Archive’ buttons or filter and bucket applicants based on where they stand in the hiring process.

Sort applicaants into custom buckets

SBCA Results

Review each candidate’s behavioral test results so you can determine the candidate best fit for the role.

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Candidate Communication

Communicate with candidates easily and securely using our in-platform texting feature.

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Resumes, Social Links, and more

Get a feel for who your candidates are by looking at their resumes and social media, all in one place.

Interview Scheduling

In-platform Video interviews without any additional setup. Add real-time comments to review afterward.

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Background Screening and more

Industry-leading background screening, drug testing, and more through our trusted partner Verified First - all seamlessly integrated within our platform.

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