The Success Building Candidate Assessment

Our freakishly accurate assessment
that measures success

Our psychologist-developed behavioral assessment gives you all the important candidate performance intel.

With the SBCA, the days of hiring a stranger are over.

Say hello to our Success Building Candidate Assessment– the closest thing to jumping into the future and seeing what a candidate would be like on the job. This effective proprietary behavioral test developed by real people and psychologists helps determine each applicant’s likely success.

I use FirstChoice Hiring because they get me applications, couple that with the behavioral assessment and I have the ability to find the right people consistently.

Jerad Smith, Subaru of Puyallup

The perfect tool to pair with your intuition and ours

Just like no one job is alike, no one candidate is alike. We quickly realized the need for a streamlined, effective, and smart way to see more than words on a resume. So, we developed the Success Building Candidate Assessment - our proprietary behavior test that candidates take upon applying for your job.

So how does the
SBCA Work?

It gives you a sense of all the things you don’t necessarily see on a resume or over a few interviews.

See what to watch for performance-wise, their emotions and attitude while working, and where you can offer training.

Even learn whether a candidate will be too reliant on management or is even resistant to being managed.

SBCA Sent Automatically

To ensure you get a full picture of a candidate, we automatically send them the SBCA to fill out upon applying.

A Detailed Overview

To best understand candidates, we have a full breakdown of their results, from how fast they learn, their behaviors, and management skills (just to name a few.)

Candidate Ranking

Each candidate is ranked by their SBCA scores and how they match your job needs, so you look through people who truly make sense for the role.

Interview Guides

How an employee thinks is more powerful than what they think. We help guide your interviews with candidates based on their results to make getting to know and hiring people easier.

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